05 02 16

What I do - An Insight into your Recruitment Consultant

By Rosie Tootell



05 02 16

By Rosie Tootell

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What I Do – An Insight into your Recruitment Consultant

When asked what I do for a living, I say “Recruitment Consultant”, knowing that the very next question people will ask is “and what does that mean, what do you do?” and every time I find myself giving the same answer.
“I place legal professionals into locum Private Practice roles”.
But what does that mean, what does being a recruitment consultant entail and how do we work with our clients and candidates on a daily basis?

In the words of Julie Andrews “Let’s start at the very beginning”, so here goes… On a day to day basis my routine is never exactly the same, but certain aspects run through the entire process. On the candidate side, I find or speak to candidates, register them, have a chat about what they are looking for and either place them in a great position or find them new opportunities. With Clients, I will speak to them about the vacancy they have, take a job specification, gain an understanding of why they require assistance and go away and find a candidate who matches the requirement they have.

At Temporis we work closely with our Clients and Candidates, getting to know their circumstances so we can best assist them. This means we like to keep in touch, whether it’s to discuss new opportunities, update your current work situation or talk about your requirements for your next role.

• It is important for us to be able to act in your best interests, and in order to do that, we like to know as much as possible so we can find you the most relevant positions.
• It is a lot quicker to have a five minute update with you, than to waste your time talking to you about a role that isn’t going to be the right for you.

This goes hand in hand with why we like to keep in touch with Clients.
• We like to take a proper specification, why, because then we can send relevant candidates and not waste your time trawling through CVs who are not going to be relevant.
• Feedback is crucial, we are well aware that not every candidate is not right for the role, but we need to know if they aren’t, both to inform our candidates, and so we can also determine what type of candidate you are looking for.

All these aspects cover only a small amount of what it is I do day to day, however the most important part is speaking to people. I find legal professionals their dream jobs and help law firms find their dream candidates, and in order to do this in the most effective way, I get to know people.
If you want a consultant who gets to know you and works in your best interests, Temporis really can help, and we would love to hear from you.


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